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In my life story,

I am the hero

5 September
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I'm Angie. I have a BA in Russian History and an MA in Museum Studies. I live with my parents because I'm poor, cheap, and hate having a roommate unless it's like a lover type of roommate and then I'm cool. I miss Porkchop, my dog, not the cut. I dance, quilt and scrapbook. I'm like a feisty but nurturing ninety year old (gas included!).

I want a kitten, especially a chartreux one named Logan but I'm allergic! I want to travel to Thailand and ride an elephant! I want to move back to England where my love of cider will flourish and work at the Natural History Museum of London.

I am in love with the following: post-its, highlighters, piercing, breasts, chicken wings, traveling, tattoos and pot-stickers. I hate Brussels sprouts, rap, airheads, attention seeking whores.

I freak out over zombies, uncircumsized peni (still true!), and spiders on my head.

I believe in communes, nudity, music is life, and karma.
50 first dates, afi, an idiot abroad, angora rabbits, anime, ballet folklorico, beach, being human, blackadder, bob's burgers, bones, books, brendan o'carroll, c. s. lewis, café tacvba, caifanes, camping, chuck palahniuk, cooking and baking, crafts, criminal minds, dancing, daniel fingers radding, dropkick murphys, england, enso, eternal sunshine spotless mind, fight club, finding nemo, flogging molly, foo fighters, gilmore girls, going shopping, good dick, helen fielding, henry james, history, home movies, how i met mother, howard pyle, indie films, interpol, j. k. rowling, j. r. r. tolkien, jaguares, james joyce, jane austen, janis joplin, johnny cash, julia alvarez, juno, law and order uk, lewis carroll, lila downs, linkin park, lord of rings trilogy, los enanitos verdes, maldita vecindad, mercedes sosa, mexico, michele serros, mulan, mumford and sons, museums, music, my big gypsy wedding, ncis, old school, once upon a time, outside paradise, p!nk, piggy banks, playing video games, prisoner of the mountains, puppies, quilting, r. a. salvatore, rafting, reading books, richard knaak, roald dahl, robin hood, rudolfo anaya, russia, russian tortoises, sandra cisneros, say yes to dress, scrapbooking, sewing, sex and the city, shakira, sixteen candles, sleeping, sleeping beauty, songword., star wars original trilogy, stephen fry in america, the art disney princess, the big bang theory, the breakfast club, the emperor's new groove, the hangover, the it crowd, the matchmaker, the mighty boosh, the misguided, the moldy peaches, the princess and frog, the venture brothers, the x-files, tiki fuckos, to wong foo, translating books into spanish, traveling, victimas del doctor cerebro, watching tv, wild russia, writing, young dubliners